October 2-4 | Annapolis, MD

About Buzz

The most valuable industry learning happens when like-minded advocacy professionals gather to share their experiences, collaborate to overcome common obstacles, and strive to elevate the practice of modern public affairs.

Unlike a typical conference, our approach is for the best in the industry to teach the best in the industry. This is why all invitees are asked to participate as a presenter, roundtable facilitator, or session moderator.

Hannah Levy, who is remembered here, jointly developed and led the Buzz Advocacy Summit since its inception. We dedicate this year’s event and all future Summits in her honor.

A different kind of industry event…


Have you ever shared an idea you thought was awesome — but then someone told you no? It doesn’t feel great! When you have a spark of an advocacy idea in your mind, you need someone to help it grow. Believe it or not the discipline of improv can help! Using the concept of “Yes, And,” a core tenet of improv, can be an effective way to partner with your peers. It encourages a collaborative work environment where many ideas can be layered onto each other, creating an inclusive idea that everyone can get behind.

This year’s Buzz Advocacy Summit will help you use “Yes, And” to spark better advocacy ideas. Whether you feel stagnant in your advocacy efforts or looking for new ways to have an inclusive and collaborative work environment with your peers, you will learn how to harness the power of improv and make it work for you. Let’s step away from the “No, But” thinking, and instead use “Yes, And,” to build ideas that generate movement and create energy.

Your perspective and experience are important parts of this conversation, and we hope to see you there.
Pre Summit
Sunday, October 1

Come in one night early on October 1st to beat the morning traffic and/or join other early arrivals for a casual reception with food and drinks.

Day 01
Monday, October 2

Day 1 of the Summit begins with check-ins and a light breakfast that starts at 8:30 AM. The opening keynote starts at 9:50 AM. and the programming concludes at 5:30 PM with a networking reception and dine-around dinners at local Annapolis restaurants to follow.

Day 02
Tuesday, October 3

Day 2 of the Summit begins with a hot breakfast that starts at 8:00 AM followed by programming from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Participants can explore Annapolis during the free afternoon from 3:00 PM. to 6:30 PM. and then join the Summit Spooktacular Reception at 6:30 PM.

Day 03
Wednesday, October 4

Day 3 of the Summit begins with a hot breakfast that starts at 8:00 AM followed by programming from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM. This half-day of programming allows participants to beat the traffic back home.


Please purchase your tickets early to get discounted pricing.

The Summit fee includes 2 nights of accommodations, commencing on October 2, 2023. To ease your morning arrival, our first session will commence at 9:50 AM, with registration opening at 8:30 AM. Welcome refreshments will be provided.

Please note that ALL ticket options include not only programming but also the cost of accommodations, receptions, meals, snacks/drinks, and professional notes from the program.

If you would like to pay for your ticket by credit card, please visit the Eventbrite registration page (fees apply). To avoid the Eventbrite fees, please contact us at buzzadvocacy@gmail.com and we can send you an invoice (payable by ACH or check).

Early Bird

If purchased before
April 14, 2023.

Refund Info

Refund Info

Early Bird tickets are 100% refundable before April 14th and 50% refundable* before June 30th, 2023.


If purchased before
September 8, 2023.

Refund Info

Refund Info

Our Standard Price ticket is eligible for a 50% refund* anytime before September 8th, 2023.

Last Minute

If purchased after
September 9, 2023.

Refund info

Refund info

Last Minute tickets are not refundable.*

Come in one night early

Optional Add-On

More info

More info

For out of town guests, and those who want to get a jump-start on the first day of the Summit, we have an optional add-on available where you can come in on October 1, 2023 (the evening before the Summit). All early arriving guests are invited to a reception that evening at a local bar.

Hosts & Sponsors


Situated in Historic Annapolis, a hidden gem located less than 35 miles from the Washington, DC Metro Area, Buzz Advocacy Summit is far enough for a retreat-style getaway, yet close enough to travel to without much hassle.

The summit takes place in the beautiful and historic Governor Calvert House, 58 State Circle Annapolis, MD 21401. The Governor Calvert House is centrally located directly across from the Maryland State House, and a 5-minute walk to the Waterfront.


Meet the Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee is comprised entirely of industry practitioners who have a demonstrated passion for public affairs and advocacy. The Advisory Committee will be tasked to challenge traditional thinking, to recommend topics and presenters that are at the leading edge of innovative advocacy, and to find featured speakers from outside our industry who can offer new and unique perspectives.


What's Included in the Summit Fee?

The Buzz Advocacy Summit includes:

  • two nights hotel accommodation at The Historic Inns of Annapolis
  • welcome refreshments on the first morning (assorted breakfast treats)
  • two hot breakfasts
  • two lunches
  • two dinners
  • two evening cocktail receptions
  • wifi
  • coffee and snacks
  • professional notes from each session
Can I just come for part of the Summit or forego the hotel accommodation?

While the Summit may be close to home for most participants, this is intended as a convenience so invitees may avoid extensive travel to a far-flung destination. We want to preserve a retreat-style feeling to promote networking, shared experience, and to allow for an ongoing and informed discussion about the future direction of our industry. This is why hotel accommodations are included within the Summit fee, to encourage us to stay on-site together throughout the Summit. This also helps defray some of the costs of the event as meeting room space is included in the hotel room block.

Of course, if you would prefer not to stay on-site overnight, we just ask that you commit to attend each day of Summit sessions. Unfortunately, no refund is available for unused hotel accommodations.

Why host the Summit in Annapolis?

When planning the inaugural Buzz Advocacy Summit we wanted a destination that would be far enough away from DC to encourage a retreat-style atmosphere, yet close enough for an easily commutable end-of-the-week event. You don’t need to hop on a plane to get to this summer destination! We also had the opportunity to secure a beautiful hotel in the center of Historic Annapolis, MD that is easy walking distance to the waterfront.

Why do I have to participate, can't I just attend?

We believe that something important changes when you become an active participant in an event. When you aren’t just learning from others, but are also sharing your thoughts and ideas. There are numerous excellent industry conferences that offer attendees a chance to soak in knowledge without necessarily joining in. However, we want this Summit to be different. We want the best in the industry to teach the best in the industry, and your involvement is essential to that goal.

For those less comfortable with the spotlight, there are a number of opportunities to participate in a smaller group setting including as a roundtable facilitator or networking session moderator. Please let the host know your preference and we will try to accommodate your request.

What is the role of a panelist?

Panelists will present at moderator led keynote or breakout sessions. Topics will be determined in advance and some preparation may be required including providing slides or other materials. Panel moderators will coordinate with panelists ahead of the event.

What is the role of a roundtable facilitator?

Roundtable facilitators will conduct a roundtable discussion on selected topics during our roundtable breakout session. Roundtable facilitators will assist with preparing materials on their selected topic as well as a discussion guide for their session.

What is the role of a networking session moderator?

Networking session moderators, will coordinate our networking speed dating session. They will host each networking group and will encourage interaction among participants.

What is the summit dress code?

Our only emphasis is on advanced advocacy learning among peers. Plan to bring your creativity, but leave the suits at home!

Where are my hotel acccommodations?

We have attendee accommodations booked in two of the Historic Inns of Annapolis- the Governor Calvert House and the newly renovated Robert Johnson House. Both are on State House Circle and very easy walking distance from each other.

What are my transportation options?

We chose Annapolis because it is within easy driving distance for most attendees. If you’d like to participate in a carpool, please let us know and we will happily help coordinate it – please just reply to this email.

For those driving themselves, there is valet parking at the hotel, but other parking options include the Noah Hillman Parking Garage (150 Gorman Street) and South Street Parking Lot (101-199 South Street).

You can also Uber from DC for approximately $45 with UberX.

May I share this invitation with others in, or outside of my organization?

If you know of someone from your organization – or another organization – that you think would be a great contributor to the Summit, please send along their information so that we can send them an invitation. Our programming is the best fit for advanced practitioners in advocacy and communications roles.
There is always a lot of interest in the Summit, so we limit attendance to a maximum of two individuals from an organization. This also keeps our content fresh and diverse.

Learn More

Interested in becoming sponsor or joining the advisory committee? Still have questions about attending? Reach out here!