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Swipe Right or Left: Which Social Channels Match Your Strategy? (Deep Dive 2)

October 2, 2023 @ 11:30 am 12:30 pm

In addition to knowing which platforms to invest in, you need to know which social strategies will be most beneficial. From trends like edu-tainment and AI, to staples like LinkedIn thought leadership and paid boosts, we’ll discuss social strategies that work.

Erin Fernandez, Children’s Hospital Association
Alisa Fox Mairone, BAYADA Home Health Care (moderator)
Shana Glickfield, Beekeeper Group
Tylik McMillan, Credit Union National Association


  • Overview of Emerging Platforms
    • Erin- Threads deep dive
      • When there’s a new platform, you have to figure out how best to use it.
      • Prioritize: Resources, your audience, data privacy, and functionality
      • Is your organization prepared to be an early adaptor? Need time, staff, budgets, tools, and technology.
      • If your organization doesn’t support TikTok data privacy, it should not support threads. Similar data collection
    • Tylik- LinkedIn for business
      • LinkedIn is a great opportunity for business thought leadership and connecting with potential partners. 
      • There are over 900.2 million members of LinkedIn which you can drill down pretty specifically through searching organizations and titles.
      • 70% of users use LinkedIn daily
      • LinkedIn had a real moment during COVID and with toxicity on platforms like Facebook. 
      • Ad targeting is more specific than competitor platforms but has a much higher cost per click. 
      • Key questions include how much time to devote, resources, your target audience, and your specific goals.
    • Shana- TikTok
      • Using short videos for advocacy allows you to be authentic face-to-camera
      • Less polished and more organic content is performing best on TikTok and IG Reels
      • During the pandemic, people got more used to seeing themselves on camera, lending themselves to this type of video for our advocates.
  • Defining Social Success in Today’s Landscape
    • Erin-Ignore vanity metrics
      • Focus on different vertices- thought leadership has a different ROI and metric than sentiment or storytelling. 
      • If you’re not trying to sell products, engagement is going to look a lot different than it would for major brands. 
      • Sentiment can be hard to track- but is still a valuable success metric. 
    • Tylik- LinkedIn definitions
      • Focus on the parts that people don’t see- such as the cost and time of creation, competitive landscapes, and limited audience targeting. 
      • Stories and conversations matter as much as the numbers. 
      • The messenger is as important as the message. 
    • Shana- Ga4 and link in bio
      • Due to the link in bio capabilities- we can start tracking where visitors to your profile go.
      • New GA capabilities allow us to better track the relationship between social to website and specialized reports and events. 
  • What We Are Using & Not Using 
    • Erin- What’s in and out
      • No longer doing grassroots activations and our advocacy brand- we do all of it behind our parent organization now. This decision was made because hospitals are doing grassroots work on their individual level, so our strategy shifted to storytelling.
    • Tylik- Social media ad promotion
      • Boosting posts is a fairly cost-effective way to reach new audiences outside of your following
      • Keep in mind that boosted posts can’t be altered and may delay your message. 
      • Prioritize fast communication. 
      • Make sure you understand the 5 types of social media.
        • Networking (FB, TW, LI)
        • Photo sharing (Pinterest)
        • Video (Youtube, Vimeo)
        • Interactive (TikTok)
        • Blogging and community (Tumblr)
    • Shana- Deprioritize FB
      • Dive a little deeper into your metrics on Facebook- the demos might not actually align with your audience.
      • Organic reach is extremely challenging
  • Show & Tell
    • Erin- Family Advocacy Day
      • Hospital participation rate went up a solid percentage from participating families and people digitally.
      • Posts from advocates significantly outperformed the organization’s content- make sure to reshare.
      • Make sure your hashtag is unique and easy!
      • Use short video-produced or authentic front-facing  
    • Tylik- GAC Messaging
      • Strong brand messaging elevated the Fraud Prevention campaign
      • Hone in on the support that you have on the national level 
    • Shana- Being brave and experimental 
      • Sometimes being creative and using memes can help you stand out
      • Ride the wave instead of starting the wave


October 2, 2023
11:30 am – 12:30 pm
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